Please read our FAQs to see if your question can be answered here.  If not, call or email us and we will be happy to answer your question.

What’s your return policy?

We guarantee our products to be free from defects.  If you feel one of our pistols has a problem, we will pay for return shipping and evaluate it.  If we cannot replicate the problem, we will work with you to see if shooting style has contributed to the issue (see limp wrist shooting below).  If the issue is determined to not be an issue with the pistol, all shipping costs and a $50 assessment fee will be charged before shipping the pistol back.

Do you ship oversees?

No, we only ship to FFL holders in the United States.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Call or email us and we will be happy to solve your issue.

Does "limp wrist" shooting cause malfunctions?

Yes.  Don't confuse a tight grip with a tight wrist.  It is possible to squeeze the pistol firmly and still "limp wrist" while shooting.  A "limp wrist" changes how the pistol recoils and can induce malfunctions.

Does the quality of ammunition matter for accuracy?

Absolutely.  As the saying go "garbage in, garbage out."  The same goes for any firearm as it relates to accuracy.  We provide a loading data sheet to our customers for them to obtain the best accuracy possible out of our Precision 1911 pistols.

What sights are best?

Depends on the shooter.  Some research suggests that tradition 3 dot sights confuse the eye and brain more than they help.  The confusion happens because the dots are not always parallel when the "iron" portion of the sight is aligned.  Proper sight alignment occurs when the metal portion of the sights is aligned even across the top of the front and rear sight and equal amounts of light to the right and left of the front sight - regardless of the alignment of the dots.

What sight do you recommend?

Again, it depends on the shooter.  I personally prefer to shoot with a red dot optic because it allows the eye and brain to focus on the dot and target at the same time.

For iron sights I prefer a blank rear sight and tritium front sight.  The tritium front draws my attention and keeps my focus during the shot.  If night sights are required for front and rear, a Straight 8 setup like Heinie manufactured are my go to sights.

How do you test accuracy?

We use a Ransom Rest to test accuracy to 50 yards using our best loads for maximum accuracy.