A Precision 1911 built to the demanding specifications set by Bob Marvel.  It appears to be a custom 1911, but it performs like a custom 1911 could only dream.


A Guardian Arsenal Precision 1911 with the ability to attach a light or other accessory.  This is the answer to those who carry a gun for business.  Performance is guaranteed.

Marvel Model

Bob Marvel developed this model which has special internal modifications making this Precision 1911 the most accurate, softest shooting, most reliable 1911 available.  Simply stated - the ultimate Precision 1911.

1911 Gunsmithing

Own a custom 1911 or factory 1911 that is plagued with malfunctions and inaccuracy?  See the line of 1911 gunsmithing services we can provide your "custom" 1911.

Frame Micrometer

Precison Defined

Our Precision 1911 pistols hold tolerances that make them the most reliable and accurate 1911s on the market.  We guarantee it.  Each pistol is Ransom Rest tested at 50 yards and the test target is supplied to the buyer.


Like any other firearm that provides maximum accuracy, the quality of ammunition fed to it matters.  Guardian Arsenal knows this which is why load data to help you achieve maximum accuracy is supplied with the Precision 1911.

Guardian Arsenal Target

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We stand behind our Precision 1911 pistols.  Your life is priceless to us which is why reliability and accuracy are foundations of our pistols.