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What is the difference between Precision and custom 1911 pistols?  Details.

Details are Extremely Important

As a Combat Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, a prior Police Officer and SWAT Operator, Adam has an intimate understanding of how important a reliable firearm is.  With his background, he ensures every 1911 he builds is absolutely reliable whether its for competition or protection.

Bob Marvel with Adam Thompson

Precision is in the Details

Guardian Arsenal’s owner, Adam Thompson, has spent hundreds of hours learning how to build the best 1911 possibly from the famous Bob Marvel.  Bob invited Adam to learn from him at his hope shop in Crete, Nebraska.  While there, Adam spent several weeks continuing his knowledge that was previously learned from Bob Marvel in other classes.  He was also honoured when Bob allowed Guardian Arsenal to build the Marvel Model 1911.

Adam Thompson - Owner

Adam Thompson has always had a passion for firearms from a young age.  Shooting regularly with his father as a you boy helped develop his skills in shooting and weapon maintenance.  As he entered his adult life, the reliability of guns became a part of his career in both the military and law enforcement.  As Adam started to work more in gunsmithing, he became particularly interested in building 1911 pistols.  In a quest to learn more, he attended his first class where he wasn’t satisfied by the lack of preciseness in the build.  Adam found and attended a Bob Marvel 1911 building course where he learned the accuracy and reliability of the 1911 are a direct result of precisely fit parts working together.  Adam has also gone to school for precision machining and welding.  With the knowledge from school and Bob Marvel classes, Adam focuses his work on creating precision 1911s.  During a trip to Bob’s shop in 2018, Bob gave Adam the blessing to build the Marvel Model 1911 at Guardian Arsenal.

In addition to Adam’s training on Precision 1911s, he is a 17-year veteran of the Air Force, Combat Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.  A graduate of the Air Force Security Forces – Phoenix Raven program, Adam is also a member of his unit’s Phoenix Raven Section.  As a Raven, Adam is dedicated to providing security for Air Mobility Command (AMC) aircraft.  Adam is a specially trained and equipped Security Forces member that deploys as an aircrew member on AMC missions designated by the AMC Threat Working Group.  The Raven teams help detect, deter and counter threats to AMC aircraft and guest dignitaries by performing close-in aircraft security; advising aircrews on force protection measures and conducting airfield assessments.

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