Precision Defined

Superb accuracy and relentless reliability are a direct result of precision fitting and attention to detail.  As a result, Bob Marvel allows Guardian Arsenal to build a Precision 1911 bearing his name.

The Spectre is a single port compensator 2011 giving the shooter the ultimate shooting experience.  Ultra flat, ultra accurate double stack handgun.

A Precision 1911 built for those that need to attach a light.  Tactical meets Precision.


Simply stated, its the softest shooting, most reliable 1911 available.  

Guardian Arsenal’s double stack 1911 variant.  This pistol is the best of every world.  High capacity – absolute reliability – ultra accurate.

Guardian Arsenal builds Precision, not custom 1911s which are built to Bob Marvel’s strict specifications

A compensated 2011 built by Guardian Arsenal named after and performs just like the A10 Warthog.

Guardian Guide Rod

Years in the making, Guardian Arsenal is launching a guide rod for 1911 and 2011 platforms that has never been manufactured before.


1911 Services

Have a custom 1911 that isn’t living up to the “Custom” hype?  Click here to see how we can cure the “Custom” problems.

Customization and Conversion Kits

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