Warbird 1911

Guardian Arsenal builds precision, not custom 1911s which are built to Bob Marvel's strict specifications.

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Raven 1911

A precision 1911 built for those that need to attach a light.  Built with a cone bushing designed by Bob Marvel, this 1911 is designed to be taken apart with no special tools.

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Marvel Model 1911

Guardian Arsenal is very proud to build a 1911 with Bob Marvel's name attached to it.  Simply stated, it's the softest shooting, most reliable and accurate 1911.

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1911 Services

Have a custom 1911 that isn't living up the the "Custom" hype?  Click here to see how we can cure the "Custom" 1911 problems.

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Marvel .22 Conversion

A Guardian Arsenal Precision 1911 paired with Bob Marvel's .22 conversion manufactured by Nelson Custom Guns is perfect for those that want to shoot.  It's the Camp Perry starter kit!


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Precision - Not Custom

Guardian Arsenal is committed to providing the most accurate, most reliable 1911 available.  As a student of Bob Marvel, Adam understands the amount of detail and precision involved in building a 1911 to deliver on this promise.  With slide-to-frame tolerances in the tenths of a thousands of an inch (0.0001), every part is inspected and modified as necessary to deliver the industries best accuracy and reliability.  Guardian Arsenal is also pleased to offer the Marvel Model 1911.  Simply stated, its the most accurate, reliable, and softest shooting 1911 ever built.