Defender 2011


High Capacity Meet High Precision

When high round count matters, precision doesn’t need to be sacrificed any longer. ¬†The Defender is built on Cheeley Custom frames with commander grip modules giving you 17 rounds of 9mm in a nice sized package. ¬†Despite the higher round count, its 8 ounces lighter than the same thickness as a single stack 1911 with slim grips. ¬†Its the best of every world

Standard Features

Carbon Steel Slide and Government Length Frame

Cheeley Custom Commander Grip Module

Available in 4.25″, 5″, and 6″ slide lengths

Kart Barrel with Cone Bushing

3 MBX Defender Magazines

Working Grip Safety

Customer Choice Trigger Pull Type and Weight

Available in 9mm, .38 Super, .40 SW, 10mm, and .45 ACP

Flat Wire Recoil System

Marvel Disconnector Rail Slot

Guardian Arsenal Custom Slide Serrations

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Performance Packed

The Defender is the best of every world combined. ¬†Configured in 9mm with 17 round magazines, this 2011 has every performance upgrade packed into it. ¬†To our surprise, when compared to other single stack 1911s without a magazine, the Defender is 8 ounces lighter. ¬†With the mandatory Marvel disconnector rail slot cut in, this 2011 promises to send projectiles down range faster and smoother than the competition. ¬†Built with the same precision standards, the Defender places rounds exactly where they are intended to land. ¬†You can’t go wrong with this 2011.


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