Accuracy Overhaul


Turn you gun into the best it can be with Guardian Arsenal’s Accuracy Overhaul.  This package incorporates all elements of the reliability overhaul and adds AccuRails and a precision fitted Kart NM barrel and bushing.  With the Accuracy overhaul matched with the loading data we supply, you can expect .45 ACP 50 yard groups of 1.5 inches or less.  Group sizes of 9mm at 50 yards have been measured as small as 1/2 inch.

Price includes shipping.

The 1911 accuracy overhaul includes correcting the extractor, ejector, slide stop, breech face, magazine catch, frame feed ramp, barrel throat, chamber, plunger tube, barrel crown, lower ejection port (if needed), replace springs as needed, machine Marvel Disconnector slot, inspect safeties, remove barrel bump, replace barrel link, and a complete trigger job (replacing trigger), replace and fit Kart barrel and bushing, fit slide to frame via AccuRail.


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