Marvel Model 1911


Marvel Design

Bob Marvel’s signature design modifies the factory 1911 frame and slide to give the pistol increased reliability when feeding. ¬†Added slide travel also allows the recoil spring to absorb more energy, making the Marvel Model the softest shooting 1911 on the market.

Standard Features

Carbon Steel Slide and Government Frame

Available in 4.25″, 5″, and 6″ slide lengths

Kart Barrel with Cone Bushing

1.5″ Group at 50 Yards with .45 ACP

Absolute Reliability

Customer Choice Trigger Pull Type and Weight

Available in 9mm, .38 Super, .40 SW, 10mm, and .45 ACP

Flat Wire Recoil System

Marvel Disconnector Rail Slot

Guardian Arsenal Custom Slide Serrations


Faster Follow-up Shots

The Marvel disconnector rail modification smoothes the overall operation of this precision 1911.  Other internal modifications allow for even faster follow-up shots than any other custom 1911.

Precision Guaranteed

Guardian Arsenal guarantees its Precision 1911 pistols to operate without malfunction and, when shooting our precision loads, groups under 1.5 inches at 50 yards with .45 ACP are normal.  Depending on caliber, groups of 1 inch or less are possible.

Unstoppable Reliability

Superb accuracy is pointless if the pistol is not reliable.  Guardian Arsenal Precision 1911 pistols are built to function without failure.  Each pistol is function tested with a minimum of 200 rounds for normal pistol and as many as 2,000 rounds for military and law enforcement guns.  Failures are unacceptable.


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